Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Innertube now works on Guam

One of the big problems we out here on Guam deal with constantly is not being recognized as a U.S. territory. So most web sites don't list us in picklists. It's a big nuisance we've learned to deal with. Or complain about.

Along these lines is the hindrance that the major TV networks have with their streaming players, in not letting local users. We normally are greeted by something like "This content available only to U.S. users". How insulting.

That is, until today. I'm happy to report that previous meetings I had with CBS while in NYC resulted in the network's streaming player, Innertube, letting Guam users access the player's full-length episodes of CBS shows. Other similar network streaming players like VH1's VSpot give us out here limited access, showing interviews and movie previews, but rejecting us from checking out music videos. The same sadly applies for ABC's programming through iTunes or through the Full Episode Player - we can't get at the full-length episodes. NBC's got an iTunes presence, too, and releases shorter clips in its own embedded player.

But kudos for CBS on this one for making it work.

Check out CBS programming on Innertube through KUAM.com here

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pix from KUAM trip to NYC

KUAM team and Brian Williams
My team recently returned home from a trip to New York City to receive our National Edward R. Murrow Award as the Best News Web Site (Small Markets). It was an awesome trip, and we met a ton of celebs from news, journalism, and pop culture circles. To be told be anybody at any level that you're even a little bit good at what you do is always flattering and certainly motivating, but to get a nod like this from a peer group of industry experts, affirming that you're the best in the country is, well....freakin' awesome!!!

Check out our Flickr photostream of images we got during the trip.

(Not included are other people we bumped into like Katie Couric, Mr. T, Lawrence Taylor, CNN's Soledad O'Brien, NBC's Campbell Brown, SNL's Will Forte, Will Smith, the cast of "Chicago", and scores of others.)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Maryland's been good to ESPN (and vice-versa)

Being one who's read/written a lot on the history and corporate culture of the mecca of sports journalism, ESPN, I've noted certain trends. Not surprising is the correlation between the network and the frequency with which it hires talent from the nation's major journalism schools (Missouri, Northwestern, the Ivy League (particularly Cornell)), but I was really surprised to discover this morning how many anchors, reporters, analysts and contributors come from the U of Maryland.

Fear the Turtle, indeed.

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