Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Blogger Night" on KUAM News Extra

Next Monday's going to be a really fun episode of "KUAM News Extra" for us at Camp Happy.  I'm hosting a special themed version of our live talkshow that focuses on Guam's most promiment bloggers.  I'll be talking to two people who's work I've  greatly admired for years, Josie Moyer of Latitude13 and's Leo Babauta.

Josie was deservedly named GU Magazine's Best Blogger for 2008, and Leo's sizable audience (more than 77,000 subscribe to his feed) landed him a book deal.  I'd been on his site dozens of times, recommended by Digg, before realizing he was behind it.

It's going to be a cool show, so tune at 6:30pm on TV8, 7:30 on TV11, 8:30 on Local 2, and on-demand on or wirelessly on DOCOMO Pacific 3G mobiles.  And to make sure the show doesn't slip through the cracks in your mind, signup for program reminders for e-mail, text message, or your favorite web calendar.

Given the topic and target audience, I'm considering webcasting the 30-minute show live, too...if you guys on the East Coast want to get up at 4:30am to get your fix of your blog-celebs.  Just let me know and I'll set it up so Josie and Leo can include the link to the stream on their sites.


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