Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yahoo!'s new suggestion board: W-E-A-K

"Good artists copy, great artists steal" I think we've all heard at some point by at least a couple notable characters, but Yahoo!'s new suggestion board is totally lame. It's so much of a Digg ripoff it's laughable how little they tried to blur the distinction between the two. If anyone of lesser stature pulled this off, it would be easily dismissed. But this is freakin' Yahoo! One of the big four.

Cory Bergman from LostRemote broke the news about the expected backlash, but it's gotten much more vulgar in the few minutes since.

Major letdown.

Ya, because Digg invented voting. This is about voting up or down suggested improvements to a website by a userbase. Who would be opposed to that? A lazy developer?

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