Monday, February 19, 2007

Why do some sites load so slowly?

I've given up trying to come up with something profoundly intellectual or referentially cute to title this post with. Being a real let's-find-out-what's-under-the-hood-of-web-apps guy, I'm too busy racking my brain trying to figure out why some big-name sites load so damn slow. I'm talking those destinations on the Web that regardless of client-side Internet connectivity, processor power, memory or browser just won't kick-in like all the rest.

Michael recently released built WebWait, a slick web app to test any URL's loading speed under a variety of conditions. So using this for scientific data and the basics of common sense, consider the following:
Yet despite my loathing of the time I spend waste waiting for pages to continue loading, I continue to visit them, each several times daily. I've got no solutions for the speed conundrum, other than pointing out what might be causing the lags. I'm still a registered, devoted user...albeit with waning patience.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the link. It's fair to say the bottleneck nowadays is mostly on the server-side, though with Ajax apps it can often be in the JS processing as well.

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