Monday, February 26, 2007

Unwillingness to syndicate ticks me off

If there's been any technology I've been an ad hoc advocate for over the past 4 years it's been RSS web syndication. It's fairly simple to learn, automated, platform agnostic, text-based, has ample tool support, and completely free. There's no reason why anyone with a web site (or even just a data source for that matter) shouldn't extend their data offering and syndicate their stuff by setting up a feed.

I've been preaching for the Church of Winer pretty intensely to organizations of varying industry, sector and size, encouraging people to use RSS for everything from report generation, to streamlining e-mail clients, to standardizing outbound data streams.

That's why it irked me to no end to receive correspondence tonight from a partner I recommended using RSS with: "Our system is automated and due to continuing budget constraints our resources are limited." Huh?!? This to me doesn't make any sense. I guess it's the principle of the thing. Cost prohibitiveness I can deal with, no IT department works for me, but just an unwillingness to try it out doesn't gel with me.

One of my missions is to rid the world (Wide Web) of such naive thinking.


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