Thursday, February 22, 2007

It must be the OS (or, LeBron knows Windows)

There was a time in my life when I thought I was Mr. Microsoft…seems #23 has ganked that firmly away. I just caught on ESPN that King James, who I love, inked a marketing deal with Bill Gates to tout Vista. So consider the following, if LeBron is from now on considered the basketball equivalent of Windows Vista.

LeBron James as Windows Vista - mind-blowing in every way with latent take-over-the-world potential ability. Beautifully engineered, well packaged, the toast of the town with limitless potential, with global fans and non-fans having at least heard about it. As many mainstream media pundits rip it for being all bark and no bite as there are devout followers poring over the implied superiority of the product.

Tim Duncan as Mac OS X - completely impressive at first glace to anybody. Excellent, refined packaging with rock solid fundamentals. And while not conforming to the trendy gimmickry of the day, both make their money and dominate by etching their own style and bringing about a renaissance to a new way of thinking about the market.

Allen Iverson as Linux - the initial packaging might be a bit misunderstood as inferior, but there's some world-class engineering within for those that really know what they're looking for in a winner. They might display some pretty severe compatibility issues, not gelling well with other system components, but when the chips are down they both flat-out get the job done, in terms of durability, performance and power. Also, various add-ons and physical enhancements over the years have altered the physical appearance, but haven't changed the game.


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