Sunday, February 18, 2007

Coming home to mama

Despite my turning in my Microsoft MVP badge a year and a half ago to embrace the open source movement, despite my proud status as a card-carrying Softie on Rails and even though everything I do at home now is Ubuntu Linux, I've had to do some .NET v.2.0 this weekend. Call it a slight return, me going back to my roots.

Not having used anything from the 2.0 space since playing with the early alpha bits, I'm admittedly rusty. Lots of positive improvements have been made and I'm genuinely pleased that many of the suggestions I made in focus groups, in one form or another, made it into the final release.

I'm in at the office on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon (at least that's what my co-workers tell me), putting the updated Framework on my Lenovo laptop, along with Visual Web Developer Express Edition. With only a handful of people here, most of them doing paperwork and/or video editing, I've basically got an entire T-1 to myself. Keep in mind that for the majority of my career, I've been Mr. Anti-Visual Studio (particularly the first few .NET versions). I wrote Version 4.0 of my company's site in ASP.NET 1.x in 11 days by coding raw C# syntax in ScITE. So needless to say, this is a research project as much as it is a dev weekend.

Here's some highlights:
So it's been interesting. Nothing to complain about...a nice change of pace. Kinda like having lunch with an ex.

How is this multilingual project coming along?

I haven't heard much about it for a while now. There was mention in one of your earlier podcasts that it was close to being finished. Any updates?
It's still in development and we're continuing to make headway towards the multilingual end. There are some new things that popped up or our audiences put more in demand, but we're still gunning for support for multiple languages soon.

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