Monday, February 05, 2007

Back behind the podcast mic...sort of

I've agreed to help out the lads from Luckymonk with a new podcast series for Softies on Rails, the much-needed chronicle of .NET developers who have adopted Ruby on Rails web programming. I was conversing with Brian over the weekend, and he said I might be able to go on the show and talk about my sabbatical from Microsoft technologies in which I embraced open source projects and FOSS.

It should make for a nice time, and it'll be nice to lay down some MP3 audio for syndication again.

Jason, are any of your old podcasts available for download? I stumble upon many references to your digital pontification podcasts but all of them are broken links. It would be a shame if that series is lost forever. Maybe you can make them available for you viewers here. Those that frequent your blogs.
Nope...nothing available for download, unfortunately. I've got some of the better episodes and interviews archived on CD, but to save server space, I took them offline after awhile.

This was part of the reason for the early death of several of the early podcasters.

I guess one day I should be a responsible 'Netizen and remove the broken links, or restore those old episodes though..
I also forgot to mention that when I switched blogging platforms from this to this, I neglected my old blog

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