Monday, February 26, 2007

'Amazing Race' features my hometown

Consider it official. Guam is going to be featured in "The Amazing Race All-Stars" on one of my company's stations. I've fielded a couple of calls from some people who found out about this through various forums, message boards and the blogosphere - but I've been sworn to secrecy.

It'll be nice vindication since Palau beat us out with Survivor.

Jason...your link to the show should be to (It's linked to the TAR5 Site instead.) At least all the speculation is confirmed. I'm one of those lurkers on those boards and never really "spoil" myself when it comes to "the best show on earth" but I'm bummed that I was on Guam around this time and had no clue. I've met more than half of this season's cast in NYC and I'm excited (and kind of scared) to see how Guam will be represented. A friend of mine and I were actually trying to write a campaign prospectus to bring the Production Team to Guam but now that it's been done, I'll just have to prepare myself to write a letter of Thanks (or dismay) instead, depending on the success of the leg.
Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out...all better.

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