Sunday, February 25, 2007

AJAX and ASP.NET output caching

The muse has been upon me today...wanting to do some cool programming that's either wound up being helpful proof-of-concept sampling, or prototypes for neato stuff upcoming on One such example I was toying mentally with before putting code to screen was the impact(s) of using AJAX form processing in the background for ASP.NET webpages that use output caching.

I was thinking about doing some background asynchronous processing of data while people read our news stories, via AJAX. The unknown was that most of the pages on which I'd implement the actions are output cached, and while I'd need to retain such a performance gain, I'd need the AJAX functionality to fire with each page request.

Basically, my demo was for page analytics: seeding and incrementing a tally of how many times certain pages are accessed, on pages that are cached on the server-side. Fortunately, and as I expected, you can use AJAX in such a fashion without losing your ability to cache on the server.



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