Wednesday, February 21, 2007

1,000 posts in 72 days

My company touts the moniker "Guam's News Leader" in more than one way, and it serves to stand for much more than just a clever marketing device. We own and have (re)set most of the local records for web publishing, and today again we eclipsed a new milestone. We just became the fastest regional news site to publish 1,000 stories.

Our 20,000th story was posted on December 17, with out 21,000th story going live just now on February 21. We pulled off the volume in 72 days - the fastest time between each. Our daily story load is about 25 stories every 24 hours, also a regional record. That outpublishes most newspapers, and far exceeds the typical volume for most small market broadcast stations our size.

It wasn't easy to attain this feat - we hired some new people, made a couple enhancements to our CMS and ramped up our publishing schedule, to the ultimate delight of our users. Onward!


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