Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'll be giving Ruby on Rails training on Guam

I'm sure the cries of 'traitor!' are going to resonate islandwide from the members of the .NET user group I run, but taking a page from Brian and Jeff, I'm going to give free training sessions on Ruby on Rails, with particular attention for Microsoft and PHP developers (Java folk are welcome, too).

For the most part, the sessions are going to focus on setting up/configuring RoR on Win32 and Mac OS X systems, drilling down into Rails' ORM features and likening certain aspects of the Ruby language and Rails API to the OOP constructs we're familiar with (i.e., the duality of Ruby's 'self' keyword, functioning simultaneous like C#'s 'this' and 'static'; the syntax-saving nature of 'unless' and '||=', etc.). I'll also spend a decent amount of time on templating with layouts, components and partials; working with XML and AJAX; RoR's implementation od session state; understanding WEBrick/migration to Apache; and using SQL Server instead of MySQL.

I'll also contrast RoR with ASP.NET 1.x/2.0 and the Python-dependent Django. I'm still working on the syllabus, so get in contact with me if you'll be on Guam in September and wan tto get up to speed on agile web frameworks. In the meantime, get primed with the pickaxe Ruby book and the two popular Rails books (here and here).

See you there!

Awesome! Please let us know how it goes - any experiences you can share will definitely be helpful in our endeavor.

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