Saturday, January 07, 2006

Should Google buy Monster?

CNN Money speculates that Google may be adding Monster to its list of M&As. Even though John Battelle isn't fully behind it, it's not a bad idea, I think. There is a bit of grey area covered by what Google currently does in the job listings space, but I previously blogged that I think they should either compete with their own technology or get it outright.

And again, like with the Opera buyout rumors, first from Google and then from Microsoft, this might be just to keep Yahoo and/or Microsoft at bay.

Think of the integration possibilities with search - reading with Google Print, mapping with Google Local meshing with Google Base. There's a lot that could be done by plugging Google's indexing into the already mammoth listing of resumes and job posts.

John writes:
Would Google want to get into this business so directly? Well, perhaps it would want to mimic Yahoo, which bought HotJobs, but really, honestly, this feels totally out of character.

Check out this link on WikiPedia about Google, AOL, Micorsoft, eBay, Yahoo. Quite interesting that they 'are' the biiger players eating smaller companies up...

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