Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Suggestion for Writely: let me store my local time zone

I really love Writely, and it's easily my favorite Web 2.0 app. It's ease-of-use, ability to export to Word, capability to let me upload documents either from my desktop or via e-mail, and the fact that it's a full-fledged web-based word processor is one of the reasons I loathe Microsoft's faux "Live" strategy. However, I've found one shortcoming with my beloved online service.

I discovered recently when composing/storing a blog post in Writely and then using the "blog" feature to post to JasonSalas.com through my Blogger account that I have no direct control over the localization of my time zone. So because of the time difference between Writely's server time and me in Guam (I'm 17 hours ahead of EST), I can't modify Writely's timestamping, which forced my post's chronological ordering to be listed as if I had posted it 17 hours earlier in my rundown. Which got it out of whack.

Several web services I've used, including .TEXT and Blogger blogs, let me set my own local time zone like I would when setting up an OS on a new PC, so that posts accurately reflect when I posted them. And since Writely is an ASP.NET application, this is certainly doable. That's about the only criticism I have.


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